Tips To Survive The Corona Pandemic

First off… DON’T PANIC! In any situation that is out of your control… the only thing you can do is focus on what you can control. Your mindset and your attitude. From there educate yourself and make decisions based on a plan for the short term as well as the long term. In this current crisis where the media spreads fear for higher ratings simply calm down and assess what you need to do to prepare and overcome. That is the most important action step you can take right now for yourself and your loved ones.

Don’t follow what the masses are doing like bulk buying toilet paper and hand cleanser. If there is going to be a complete breakdown and lack of personal hygiene products. That will be the least of your problems. And don’t spend your budget stocking up on perishable groceries, for those only last a few days worth as they will go bad if you do not consume them. Instead look to invest in bulk non perishables that can sustain you and your loved ones over the next 180 days. No it won’t be T-Bone barbecues but it will keep you and yours from going hungry. And you can not eat toilet paper. Look at bulk rice, canned fruit, canned beans, canned stew, and spam… yes spam. If you get creative you can actually create a pleasant meal that will sustain you as well as give you a great memory to shake your head at down the road.

The American Red Cross recommends keeping an at-home first aid kit to treat common injuries, including cuts, scrapes, swelling, sprains, strains and more.

Stocking up on water and a portable water filters is a wise investment as without it well… ya we all just turn on the tap and it magically appears. But as we are all seeing life as we know it can shift over night. Being prepared for a problem with water supply in the short term might be prudent.

Your own back up power source can come in handy. Personal solar panels and gen sets can be a life saver and are very affordable these days. Even to power small appliances and charge media devices like your phone and laptop.

Having some lanterns, both battery powered and kerosene are always a good idea. Just be careful with the kerosene especially around kids and also if using kerosene make sure it’s in a well ventilated area.

Look – the actual needs of life are simple… food, water and shelter. Add to our modern society power and and illumination if you like. But if you take anything away from this article please take this. Keep calm and use critical thinking to make a plan for both the short and long term during this pandemic and future problems that you will face. And remember… we are all in this together so be kind to your neighbor.

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